Western Union And Bank Transfer , Including paypal transfer and electronics carding available.

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    May 2, 2017
    My official contact for orders ICQ: 662995968 Telegram: @darknetcarder
    SKYPE: speedearner
    {{ Carded - Western Union, MoneyGram & Bank Transfers INSTANTLY! Worldwide.

    Hello guys, I specialize in carding and transferring funds from hacked bank accounts & credit card data to you by western union, money gram or bank transfers worldwide. Please note I can't transfer to all countries worldwide please if you are NEW to this then contact me for advice before you proceed on ordering anything from me.

    Prices are in USD (I can also send in USD,GBP,etc as it will be automatically converted to your country currency after transfer).

    You receive: $ 1,400 You pay: $250 BTC
    You receive: $ 3,000 You pay: $500 BTC
    You receive: $ 5,000 You pay: $800 BTC
    *These are the maximum amounts I do per transfer.
    *Security Question & Answer is no longer AVAILABLE and either fake I.D or original is necessary just request this option (Note transfers are not Available for all countries)

    We are offering Transfers to your Bank Accounts for 20% (lesser for high amount transfers.
    You receive: €/£/$ 1,600 You pay: $250 BTC
    You receive: €/£/$ 2,500 You pay: $400 BTC
    You receive: €/£/$ 5,000 You pay: $700 BTC

    You receive: $ 1,400 You pay: $250 BTC
    You receive: $ 3,000 You pay: $500 BTC
    You receive: $ 5,000 You pay: $800 BTC

    I have endless suppliers of hacked bank accounts and paypal accounts in most countries com transfers are instant, if I don't have hacked bank account in your country, transfers will take up to 2 days.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    *Please scroll down to the bottom for more pictures.
    I can provide MTCN codes, receipts, etc. of completed transfers from other clients. Just ask me!

    ## Special Custom Listing for transfers above $5000.
    ## US pre-paids worked for us during testing. Can't assure for 100%
    ## The funds are semi-clean by channeling through a number of payment processors and bank accounts.
    ## Chargeback possibility is there, but its very low. In our testing, only 1 account got chargebacked that too after 3 weeks.
    ## While placing your order, you are requested to provide correct Bank Account details to avoid further hassles.
    ## PM us in forum to check availability of transfers to countries other than USA & EU.
    My official contact for orders ICQ: 662995968
    SKYPE: vakouf1

    What information is needed to do your Western Union & MoneyGram transfer:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Country
    • City/State
    • Currency
    • Email Address

    What information is needed to do your Bank Transfer:

    • Bank Name
    • Bank Address
    • Zip code
    • Account Holder
    • Account Number
    • Account Type
    • Routing Number
    • Swift number
    • BIC and IBAN
    *Not all info is needed, depends on what country your bank account is located in.


    How quick are transactions completed ?
    Answer : Total completion time is 30 minutes maximum. From payment to receiving MTCN collection codes. All Western Union transfers are sent via the Western Union Money in Minutes service.

    How do we guarantee complete anonymity ?
    Answer : Firstly you are advised to use fake names when collecting payment as ID is not required with our Western Union transfers. Instead all of our transfers have a security question attached. And you are provided with the answer. ID is not required if the security question/answer feature is used. This security feature is used as default on all our Western Union transfers. (Read More here https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/s...curity-qa.html)
    Secondly and more importantly, our total control of agent terminals (administration level control) gives us complete access to the Western Union network. We therefore have the ability to delete our transactions from the overall transaction list on the Western Union network.

    How do we actually do Western Union transfers, what is our method?
    Answer : We use KVM devices at various Western Union agents. Once we place our KVM on a terminal, we technically have full agent control. Meaning we can transfer and also delete transactions on the Western Union Network.
    We only target large Western Union agents and we always change locations. We never use CC's, Fulls or Software to do transfers.

    How successful are our Western Union transfers ?
    Answer : Our western Union transfers have a 100% success rate. Our service is Gold Rated by The Mayor (admin) and the moderators on this forum.

    What are the rules ?
    Answer : Our rules are straight forward. Do not waste our time and collect transfers within 48 hours of receiving the MTCN. Also remember to leave good feedback on our page when we have completed your transfer for you.

    Why don't we send unlimited Western Union transfers to ourself ?
    Answer : We do have cashiers we are currently using for per centage (%) based work and we do encourage repeat customers to go through the verification process and join our worldwide team of cashiers. However, the amount of available transfers cannot be handled by our current team of cashiers in Europe and the U.S. Its simply too much to send. This surplus of transfers are instead sold here. We rather sell transfers for a secure value then to allow our controlled Western Union terminals to be unused or not used to their full potential.

    How do you pay?
    Answer : We are now accepting all modes of payment for this service.

    How quickly can you get started?
    Answer : Simply contact the Mayor and select our service. As you all know, all first transactions are done via The Mayor's Escrow to insure we are all safe. Once we complete a couple of transfers for you, then we will have direct contact.


    • We are not responsible for any account restriction, make sure your accounts are fully functional.
    • We will need to access your account to confirm that funds have been reversed.
    • You are not allowed to open a dispute on DarkGeo after a successful transaction.
    • You are not allowed to leave negative feedback if we deliver your order.
    • We may change any of the terms of service at any moment without prior notice.

    -: Payment Methods :-

    • BTC (Bitcoin)
    • PM (PerfectMoney)

    Any questions or would like to order please contact me in Private Message or email me (Email on top of thread) Escrow is accepted, I pay the fees.


    Quote:posted by: Xpress - After my 2 successful western union pick ups last week, i decide to do 3 more over the weekend.
    Counted up my profit and its currently totalling $17,000 in cash. Ultimate respect to admin for showing me the ropes.
    [​IMG]Quote:[​IMG]Quote:I tried the wu transfer service and im com happy to say that my 1st ever WU payment went through for me today. This is going to be a good business relationship! I can feel it! Thank u mayor.
    [​IMG]Quote:Everything went well at wu this morning Mayor = Legit
    [​IMG]Quote:WU + 7k = Easy money
    [​IMG]Quote:The mayor came thru for me today. He sent $3500 thru Western Union and I only paid $600. I want to thank him publicly for understanding my situation. Thanks big bro.
    [​IMG]Quote:Successfully picked up my western union money order for $6500 in total.
    [​IMG]Quote:Done Western for $4550.
    [​IMG]Quote:Left Western Union with $4725, im suprised at how easy it was.
    [​IMG]Quote:Still cashing WU's on a daily basis.
    [​IMG]Quote:Just collected 2k.
    [​IMG]Quote:Smooth transaction

    My official contact for orders
    ICQ: 662995968 Telegram: @darknetcarder
    SKYPE: speedearner
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    is this possible for Indiaan Banks
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    Looking to make some cash in the US if I can be at help hmu
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    hi friends I will be interested in a transfer wu on bank account is possible please thank you for your response cordially

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