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  1. virull.exe

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    Oct 21, 2017
    I'm offering you a good service. I can ship to your adress safely many stuff, for example, Iphone or Macbook pro, blackberry, Samsung Galaxy...
    I'm also good at Sending from Ebay at a very affordable price, so i can send you what you want up to $70.000 real value daily. I can send all from ebay : ,,,, etc
    Also, i can send from almost any site online and without forgetting Amazon. I can shipp to all countries...
    PS: THERE IS NO TAX/CUSTOM DUTY TO ANY COUNTRY !! how is that possible? continue your reading, its explained at the bottom
    So for my service, those stuff above, the SAME DAY of payment or escrow confirmation, I simply go the store and Instore and get them and ship them.
    For shipping , to ANY country , using DHL, UPS or FEDEX:
    It will take 1 - 3 business days for usa-canada for Europe 1-4 business days.

    Special OFFER!!!
    If Order above 700$ : You will receive +1 iPhone free
    If Order above 1000$ : You will receive +2 iPhone free

    Apple iPhone X 256GB (Silver, Space Gray New Original,Unlocked)

    1 x Apple iPhone X = 250$

    2x Apple iPhone X = 450$

    3 x Apple iPhone X =6 00$

    5 x Apple iPhone X = 1000$

    10 x Apple iPhone X = 2000$

    Apple iPhone 8,8 Plus plus 256 GB (Gold,Silver,Space Gray-New-Original,Unlocked)

    1 x Apple iPhone 8,8 Plus plus = 299$

    2x Apple iPhone 8,8 Plus plus= 650$

    3 x Apple iPhone 8,8 Plus plus= 900$

    5 x Apple iPhone 8,8 Plus plus= 1700$

    10 x Apple iPhone 8,8 Plus plus= 2600$

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ Factory Unlocked

    1 x Samsung Galaxy S8+ = 200$

    2x Samsung Galaxy S8+ = 350$

    3 x Samsung Galaxy S8+ = 550$

    5 x Samsung Galaxy S8+ = 1000$

    10 x Samsung Galaxy S8+ = 1800$

    for deals contact me on ICQ: 666405704 Skype: snizez jabber:
  2. tamika

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    May 3, 2017
    Admin and members i vouch this vendor i pick up 2 iphones 8 plus from dhl though it take up to 5 days, but still good dellivery.

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