How to check the balance and validity of a hacked credit card.

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    May 1, 2017
    How to check the balance and validity of a hacked credit card.
    Hi guys I hope you all doing great.The in store carders face an important problem,they need to know if the dump which they just purchase is alive and can be used.In case you're using a new plastic for emboss each dump it will save you lot of money if you will know if the dump is alive or not before making your cloned card.But how can you check if the dump is alive or not?I receive many questions about the online checker and here is some information which I can offer you about this checkers
    1.Almost all the so called full track or dumps checker are in fact simple cvv checker.Any checker which will request you to input ONLY the card number and the expire date are simple cvv checker.So it doesn't worth to spend $1 to run a simple cvv checker as long time as you can do it for free.I already explained how in the post about Dumps checking with Call Bank or ATM method
    2.Almost all online checkers kill the dump!Ops.Sorry but you must know it.This happen because the checkers are actually connected with the donation site.So in the moment that a check is run on a card ,and after the same card is used to pay for some stuff the card issuer will decline the transaction.
    3.Any checker which only request the card number and expire date for check the dump is not a dump checker!
    4.Some checker are not connected with donation site but with some fake merchants .The problem is that the merchants are blacklisted and so the card is killed when the checker is used.
    5.Some checker are stealing dumps.This are actually fake checkers and the checking respond will be always "05Declined" .The checkers request to input the full track and so it steal the dump.
    6.There are a very few checker which are not killing the dumps,which are respectable in carding world and which are using real merchants and change the merchants regular to not get them blacklisted but the problem is that this checkers have closed circuit .Same as in the case of big forums,this checkers request for vouchers from old member to register new account.Almost all of them are hidden in google or other searching modules.

    Now after reading this you may probably ask how can you check the dumps without killing them.A simple way is to call the bank.Yes,you read right!You can read a full tutorial about this subject in the millionaire carding section.
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    May 16, 2018
    Great brother! I am going for the danish dump market this summer! <3 TEAM-TEMPO-DENMARK
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    Calling the bank is the best method however you can't do this with dumps since almost none will come with the zip code or the cardholder's number. So your best next option is parking meters or vending machines.

    If you do have the ZIP and phone number best method is to spoof the number when calling. Find A good VOIP provider that allows you to do so. I think spoofing services are too costly and suck.

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