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    Feb 20, 2018
    -Start with a single click

    The miner startup when you turn on

    -Auto start-up process once the user (Manager)

    - Stealth 100%

    - Works also from 50% of system power

    -There is a run as a system service (requires admin rights)

    Included 2 versions

    1) Works with admin / no admin rights


    - unable to complete the process


    - when you log off accounts miner stops

    2) Works only with admin rights

    Cons no


    - at the end of the session, accounting continues to work as a system service, if there are other active accounting.

    I start with 10-15 weak machines, a spread of $ 10-20 per day.

    In goes immediately 2 version of.

    I offer unlimited assistance on mining issues. Also as a gift the first 20 computers .

    The price of this build.

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