Hello Dumps Lovers.

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  1. Chi Lin

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    Dec 6, 2017
    Hello Dumps Lovers.

    Dumps Dealer Offering Fresh Dumps: USA,CANADA,EU,ASIA+ALL WORLD HQ 95%+ VALID.
    No Free Dumps.
    12 Hours Replacement Time.

    Usa :101/201
    - Classic,Standard
    - Gold|Platinum|Business
    - Discover
    - Amex

    I offer three types of Bulk (Silver,Gold,Platinum) contact me for content and prices.

    Canada: 101/201
    - Classic,Standart
    - Gold|Platinum|Business

    EUROPE : 101/201

    - Classic|Standart = Contact via ICQ

    - Gold|Platinum = Contact via ICQ

    - Business|Signature|Purchase|Corporate|World = Contact via ICQ

    AUSTRALIA/Exotic: 101/201/121
    - Classic = Contact via ICQ
    - Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business = Contact via ICQ

    ASIA(ALL TYPE)= Contact via ICQ

    I have many rare bin's let me know which bin you need so i can check it out for you (find the lucky bin) and get rich.
    I am always online helping my customers and doing nice communication.


    First of all i want to clear one thing that i don't work for percentage % , so please don't waste my time and yours too for asking % partnership , because im happy with my work and i don't want to lost my time in this kind of proposals .

    All players contact me:

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    Dec 4, 2017
    welcome out here bro

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