Different Credit Card Types

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    Different Credit Card Types
    Types of Cards

    Each credit card company starts their cards with a different number:
    3 - American Express (AMEX)
    4 - Visa
    5 - MasterCard (MC)
    6 - Discover (Disco)

    Each card company has their own specific types of cards, here are some of the basics:

    Classic - a universal payment tool, which was adopted worldwide in any locations designated by the logo of Visa, including ATMs, real and virtual stores, and shops offering goods and services by mail and telephone. This card is intended for those who already have experience in the use of bank cards. She also enjoys popularity among consumers of middle-income, as guaranteed convenience, choice and financial flexibility.
    Gold - One of the leading products, has been adopted worldwide and allows you to enjoy
    an impressive financial freedom (aka higher limit)
    Platinum - These usually have limits over $10,000 (but remember, just because it has a high limit, doesn't mean it isn't already maxed out)
    Signature - No preset spending limit - great bin to get
    Infinite - Most prestigious card, virtually no limit. Though there are less in circulation so be cautious when buying these, stick with reputable sellers!
    Business - Used for small to medium sized businesses, usually has a decent limit.
    Corporate - Medium to large size businesses, larger limit than Business.
    Black - limited membership, $500 annual fee, high end card, no limit

    Standard - comparable to visa classic
    Gold - comparable to visa gold
    Platinum - comparable to visa plat
    World - very high limit
    World Elite - virtually no limit, high end card.

    Gold - usually around 10k limit
    Plat - usually higher limit, around 35k
    Centurion - High limit, 75k+ (also known as the black card

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