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    Amazon Carding Method By Me Newly Discovered
    ….This is going to sound intense to some people , but you gotta put ur purse down eventually and cant play with the big dogs if ur still barkin like a puppy so take notes. You WILL NOT find this on ANY OTHER forum, this is exclusive for you guys, from Squirell to YOU..
    Ok here we go. Yall know that amazon is a pain in the fucking ass right? allmost as bad as those faggots over at paypal, but Ive came up with a way to fuck them..and fuck them as hard as you want , as many times as you want but it takes work. You just cant walk up into amazon and buy something, expecting to ship it anywhere except the billing address on file with the credit card company. And THATS FINE! TOTALLY FINE, cuz what Im going to show you is how to fix that, but like I said it takes time and homework. Start here.FireRTC register a free account, then email support and ask them if they will please register and give you a dedicated incoming phone number. They will! Now keep that number because you will need it next. Im assuming that everyone has either a CC or a bank login, if you dont have one, come see me or purchase one from someone,,i dnt care how you get it, just get it. Now log into the account, if its existing you better have the email pass for it to intercept the alert because now you are changing the billing address to your drops and changing the phone number to the one you just registered. Do not choose mobile, choose "work" number to receive a verification call, usually automated code to verify the number. If you have just a checking account login , pull a statement to reveal the full account number!! Ok now thats taken care of, open a new email account using card holders info, using same socks5 as card holder go to amazon, register account using same info as you did at the bank/cc and same phone also you registered. There you have it,,evrerything matches AVS for amazon, let them call the phone if they want, its nothing,,just say "no engleesh" if they call...lmao...thats it folks..make a small purchase first, shipping to your new billing address,,after first ship CLEAN THAT MOTHER FUCKER safe..
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    How can i contact you ?

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