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  1. darksoul666666
    i need some to validate an mtcn for me in uk got 1900 on the transfers, only just found out about the mayor who does it all. can any1 help
  2. nas
    nas indec1ine
    Did mayor deliver the western union transfers safely?
  3. nas
    nas Administrator
    hey,,can you recommend anyone who does paypal transfers and western union,,please
  4. Carder Cash
    Carder Cash Invisble
    Chip/Pin Cash
  5. steve lykins
    steve lykins
  6. indec1ine
    indec1ine MAYOR
    Hey MAYOR,
    I have chosen your WU cash pick up service out of three different people offering it. I have invested in a very expensive Fake NZ Drivers License which looks exactly like my real one. Hoping we can do business here in New Zealand!
    my email is
  7. 2Ms1hacks0
    2Ms1hacks0 AStra
    Hey just wanted to know if we could talk some business, lmk send me a message back.
  8. kaydeezy
    kaydeezy Administrator
    please i need a us drop..can u get me one?
  9. daro199
    daro199 Don Shyne
    Tega Bro, Whats Good
  10. ThatBoy0011
    ThatBoy0011 Administrator
    Please I beg you with all due respect, can you please entrust me into the hands of a genuine and legit hacker who can shop electronic gadgets for me?; And also I will be glad if you can recommend me a hacker who can do Western Union Transfer for me. Pls I have been ripped off three times without seeing any result so far and I am not ready for any pain and dissapointment anymore. Please I need your help. Thanks A Lot.
  11. Mathew Bevan
    Mathew Bevan
    hacking service
  12. surely93
    surely93 Emilio
    Emilio i need your whatssap
  13. Jack frost
    Jack frost
    Looking for cvv's and dumps
  14. bphamx
    i really need a certified credit card seller
  15. shawn hoster
    shawn hoster
  16. Julietrongco
    Please I need a cc seller in asap
  17. rizA
    rizA AStra
    can you send money to my paypal please RIZA FEBRIANI
    thanks you :D
  18. x99 deluxe
    x99 deluxe Administrator
    hi Admin. I am from Brazil.. I am looking for some real infos about EMV recorder, etc. can you please email me ?? If you help me with good links and informations. we could to make money together here in my country. Email me please
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  19. fancher19
    fancher19 legit vendor $ cashier
  20. fancher19
    fancher19 bedubedu
    Providing World wide skimmed dumps track1&2 best valid Rate