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  1. Deeznutsstink
    Deeznutsstink SUNDAY
    Can you contact me at your earliest convenience
  2. SlimeyDude1212
    Looking for serious customers to do business with
  3. Sean mork
    Sean mork
    Fresh out the joint .no heat through. Not looking for a hand out...
  4. Sean mork
    Sean mork
    5 years in club fed ..i got more respect them this..check my m.o ..shit holla back!
  5. deadmanonline
  6. pantera999
    pantera999 Skxxmer
    i have writer and card numbers ect. but need help when im entering the other numbers that are not physically writtan on the card. the numbers you only see after you read a card.?
    please help or point me in the right direction.
  7. pantera999
    pantera999 DRAGOIGOR
    need to know what type of payment is best to go with. please new to this im ready im just trying to figure out my funds and how to use them?
  8. elaismykilla
    hey, i´m new here, i search a way to get fast credits for my online hobby. Who can give me tips or can help me pls pm me love ya
  9. Cavvy
    Cavvy SUNDAY
    contact me
  10. Cavvy
    Cavvy SUNDAY
    hi, are you here?
  11. BigP
    BigP ren3gad3
    Hi mate, if your still active on here we can do business, what's your rates?
  12. Alphacards
    We are the best at what we do.
  13. tcr123
    tcr123 Young Dollz
    If you have a cc with full details lmk, I'd be very interested in working with you
  14. dreamer20
    dreamer20 Young Dollz
    Can this be done for Canadians?
  15. Sandos12
    Sandos12 MAYOR
    Is the western union transfer still available?
  16. Denzel Perryman
  17. michael300
  18. moebanga
    beginer HELP .........i got good profiles and dont know what to do
  19. seller
  20. connect2
    Will help any experienced carder