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  1. Keylow
    I need fullz guys . Msg me I’m a daily buyer of fullz ccs just need supplier .
  2. chad
  3. Sandos12
    Sandos12 thasnowman103
    Hey I’m looking For a partner to help me casout cvv fulls can you help
  4. Sandos12
    Need someone that can cash out cvv fulls to bit coin willing to split 60-40. I get the 40
  5. DDNP
  6. ipackloud420
    ipackloud420 Administrator
    any recommendation to some good numbers
  7. johnjohn
    johnjohn Administrator
    I’m new I don’t have any knowledge on card swiping, dumping etc. I need someone who will take a lil time out and teach me the game. I’m about getting money and being safe as possible.
  8. Prabhas12
    Prabhas12 DONALD CARDING
    Hey I need cc for carding
  9. Lunna
    All for carding
  10. Karthi
    Karthi H4CKT3AM
    Hi I need dumps with pin ...
  11. Karthi
    Hi ... I need dumps with pin.
  12. Karthi
    Karthi Skxxmer
    I need dumps with pin....
  13. Young Dollz
    Young Dollz
    If you are in the US & you have a credit card, add me up on telegram @youngdollz let's make good money. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT REQUIRED
  14. Young Dollz
    Young Dollz
    I top up USA credit cards with funds. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT REQUIRED. If you have a credit card, add me up on telegram @youngdollz
  15. Sandos12
    Sandos12 Administrator
    Admin can you Recommend someone who can do cash out for me.
  16. beez213
    beez213 Asher Decker
    im a real one get at me
  17. beez213
    beez213 Asher Decker
    hey heyy whats good im straight out of Compton cali I have all that your asking for im down holla
  18. hizkumslut
    newbie/ begginner /sponge
  19. redrom666
    Has anyone used magspoof?
  20. F1d3lca57r0
    F1d3lca57r0 Dio
    hi want to know about your experience from mayor about WU deals.